Weird Doctors: Introducing Dr Nikola

Guy Boothby (1867 – 1905), the Australian author of the ‘Dr Nikola’ series of stories combined tales of derring-do with the threat of a sinister power-crazed and mesmeric doctor.

Dr Nikola 1. Danish film 1909

In stature he was slightly above the ordinary, his shoulders were broad, his limbs perfectly shaped and plainly muscular, but very slim.

His head, which was magnificently set upon his shoulders, was adorned with a profusion of glossy black hair; his face was destitute of beard or moustache, and was of oval shape and handsome moulding.

His skin was of a dark olive hue, a colour which harmonized well with his piercing black eyes and pearly teeth.

Needless to say, Dr Nikola appeared slightly foreign, and his gaze induced awe, love and fear. While his medical qualifications remained obscure, his powers  both to heal and harm were great, and included occult as well as scientific arts…



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Professor Sir Simon Wessely has kindly said :

‘If, as Dr Subotsky tells, us it takes being bitten by a bat to produce a book of this depth, detailed, but also fun, then I recommend being bitten by a bat to all aspiring authors.’

I wouldn’t go that far – but the tale is true. I was a young teenager staying in the tower of a European chateau, when in through the window at dusk there flew…

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At last, the moment we have all been waiting for – the publication of my book ‘Dracula for Doctors’, cleverly timed by Cambridge University Press for 31st October, Halloween. Many thanks to all my patient friends, colleagues and family members.

And more secrets will no doubt be unearthed by delving further into libraries of old books, especially those of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the Wellcome and the London Library, where Bram Stoker did some of his own research.